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Who We Are

"We force ourselves and our entire organization to look beyond traditional resources and beyond standard solutions for our client's needs. We often forget that marketing is not a battle of products, but a battle of perceptions – perceptions in the client's mind, the consumer's mind, the retailer's mind, etc. I try to remind myself, and my organization, that at the end of the day we're judged not by having the best products, but by having the best people and the best solutions."

Peggie Dickens - President

Our Clients:

“We've seen more exciting products from you in the last 60 minutes than we’ve seen from anyone else in the last 6 months”

n addition to the many fine companies we serve throughout the United States, we have been selected as a Preferred Provider to Microsoft, Time, Washington Mutual, Boeing, Real Networks, World Vision, Capgemini, and Nintendo. We are extremely proud of these associations and our Preferred designation - it speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and the quality of our people in our organization.

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